Team Application

“Excellence in Communication, Service & Results”

Ready For A Career in Digital Marketing?

We are a close-knit, fast growing digital marketing company with a Mission of Excellence in Communication, Service and Results. We are building a team of self-motivated, coachable fulfillment partners.

We believe in a work environment that's fun, positive, hard working, and engages what you, the team member, wants to accomplish in life. As a part of our team, your income is closely tied to the effort and value you bring to our company. Ultimately, our goal is to help you accomplish Your personal goals in the context of our workspace through the fulfillment of our company Mission & Values.

Are We A Fit For You?

Our Ideal Skill Sets & Traits:

  • Positive, Can-Do Attitude
  • Connection & Communication (People) Skills
  • Ability to learn and problem-solve independently
  • Technical Skills with Digital Systems - WordPress, Adobe Suite, SEO tools, Email Service Providers, Social Media, Paid Ad Accounts, CRM, & much more
  • Digital Design & Layout skills & experience
  • Sales/Marketing experience (digital marketing experience is a plus)

We provide:

  • Ongoing Training/Coaching
  • Full-time career opportunities
  • Commission-based and/or hourly pay
  • 1099 Sub-Contractor Remote Positions
  • Flexible Hours, Performance Bonuses, Paid Holidays & other benefits

Our Mission & Values

We Hold Ourselves & Each Other Accountable to Our Mission & Values:

  • Our Mission is to embody Excellence in Communication, Service, & Results

We accomplish our Mission with the following 4 Core Values:

  • Integrity - We do what we say, when we say we’ll do it
  • Service - We go above & beyond with Innovative Problem Solving - Better, Easier, Faster for ourselves & our clients
  • Gratitude - We maintain a Positive, Can-Do, Encouraging Attitude
  • Growth - We pursue getting better than our last best

Who is NOT a Good Fit for us?

  • Those who refuse to be coached or follow directions
  • Those who exhibit habitual negative energy
  • Those unwilling to align with our company Mission & Values
  • Drama kings & queens
  • Those who don't take the time to read this page before applying

Think you're a good fit?

Please fill out the form below to apply:

We do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, or disability. We operate on and actively cultivate a positive company culture of faith-based moral values: (1) Sanctity of human life. (2) Honesty. (3) Commitment to excellence. (4) Honor & Respect. (5) Positivity & Encouragement.