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September 13, 2021

Is SEO Important For Your Small Business?

The importance of SEO for small business cannot be stated enough. But what is SEO for small business? How does it work and why is it important? 

In this post, we'll go over these questions, plus we'll cover how to get started, and what to look for in an SEO company.


What Exactly is SEO For Small Business? 

Before we dive deeper into the reasons why SEO is important, let's take a look at what SEO for your small business, is.

The simplified explanation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing strategy to increase your site's ranking in search engine results.

It involves creating relevant content and using keywords that your target audience is searching for online.

When people type in these key words, the goal is to have your website end up towards the top of the list in search results, which brings more customers to your business.

For a more indepth explanation on SEO, check out this excellent article.

is SEO important for small businesses

Why is SEO Important for Small Business?

If you're a small business owner, you should utilize SEO to help establish a strong online presence, by-pass your competitors, and help it get to the top of the search results.

Organic search is a massive source of website traffic. Today's consumers depend primarily on search engines to find anything from trending shoes to the latest software technology.

This means that customers are likely already actively seeking to find products or services like yours, on search engines such as Google - regardless your industry or business size.

If you want to attract your target audience to your website and gain more customers for your business, then SEO is extremely important.

Here are 5 key reasons why SEO is an important strategy for small businesses in getting more people to click your link and take your business to the next level.

1. SEO Improves Your Online Visibility

The most obvious reason why SEO is important for small businesses, is to increase your visibility. 

Being highly visible as a trusted resource by Google, or other search engines, can't help but work in your favor. When your site appears on the first page of major search engines, potential customers are much more likely to visit your site. 

And the more people on your site, the more awareness of your company; which in turn, will bring you more customers and revenue.

2. Good SEO Builds Trust

The second important benefit of using SEO, is building people's trust in your brand or business.

People do business with companies they trust. Today, most customers will do lots of online research, even before they visit a store or buy a product.

Having useful, trustworthy content about your products or services on your website, not only will help potential customers learn about their options, but it establishes your site as a credible information source on the topic.

With good SEO, you have the opportunity offer useful information consumers are searching for - and that goes a long way towards building trust and becoming an important part of the research process.

is SEO important for small businesses

3. SEO Means Better User Experience

User-friendly websites is another important benefit of using SEO.   

SEO optimization will help business owners create beautiful, clean websites, with an effective and positive user experience.

The goal of quality SEO is creating informative valuable content on smooth, uncluttered websites. Using fast, easy-to-navigate websites compels visitors to stay longer, and check out other pages on your site, thereby decreasing bounce rate, and increasing your rankings in the search engines.

4. SEO Is Very Cost-Effective

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing tactics you can utilize today.

Another big plus of employing SEO strategy, is that you don't have to pay for ad space. Yes, the ads have the advantage of being first in search results - but those businesses have to pay extra dollars to get them there.

With SEO you can get to the top without paying extra. Those business that appear at the top of the search results - they don't have to spend a cent to be there. 

While there was probably some money and time invested in a quality SEO website to get them to the top, they are earning traffic without spending a cent - because Google thinks they are valuable to consumers.

Looking at the big picture, SEO is relatively cheap. Sure it costs money, but the payoff will be considerable.

Investing in SEO is near the top in producing long term results at good cost, because it lasts longer than paid ad channels. An optimized website will bring you ongoing results for years to come.

5. SEO Helps You Bypass Competition

If you optimize your site, not only will you be improving your ranking in the search engines, you will also be moving above your competitors.

Your competitors are more than likely using SEO already. Choosing not to invest in this marketing strategy will essentially give competitors free reign to move up the ladder of online ranking - in other words, handing over your customers to competitors. Nobody would want to do that! 

On the other hand, by using business SEO strategy, you will have major advantages over those who aren't using SEO, or don't understand it's importance. 

By investing some patience and money into SEO, you can successfully bypass competition to reach customers in key moments that matter.

What Are Some Things To Look For In An SEO Company?

There are a few important things to remember when choosing an SEO company.

There are spam and disreputable companies out there, and since SEO is a long term investment, it is important to find the right SEO agency for your marketing needs.

The first thing to look for in an SEO company is realistic offerings. Avoid companies who guarantee overnight success. Instead look for companies that offer realistic results based on your business challenges.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Look at the agency's reviews. Are their customers happy? Do they boast top-notch rating? Ask to see examples of clients that they have been working with for over a year.

Positive testimonials and reviews is a sign they have solid performance and quality work that will help your business achieve significant results.

It is also a good idea to ask your SEO agency what types of strategies they use. Beware of secretive companies who don't share their process, and avoid answering your questions.

Any honest SEO firm will be happy to tell you what strategies they use to achieve results, and explain to you how it works.

Need Help Getting Started With SEO?

See how our Award Winning Service can help grow your business!

The Importance Of SEO For Your Small Business - Concluding Thoughts

Here's a quick overview of the benefits of marketing with SEO:

  • Improves online visibility
  • Builds trust and creditability
  • Earns more traffic on your site
  • User-friendly website
  • Brings long-term results at relatively low cost
  • Bypass your competition

Who wouldn't want all these assets? If you're willing to invest the resources necessary to optimize with SEO, you will gain all this and more. Plus you won't have to pay a cent for ad space. 

Optimizing a site with SEO is an investment that will also take time & patience, but the long-term benefits you'll see in terms of sales and revenue are entirely worth it.

About the author 

Brenda Schlabach

Brenda is an artist and photographer from a small town in southern Kentucky. She enjoys working as a designer and content specialist for Troyer Websites Of Texas, a full-service digital marketing company.

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