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Against the worst economic shut-down of the century!

Dear friend,

Are you starting to feel the economic shut-down over COVID-19? Are you finding yourself more and more squeezed for cash as customers are forced to stay at home? Are you perhaps one of the millions of small business owners who have already had to lay off employees, and even shutter your doors entirely?

If any of this is true for you right now, you need the information on this page.

Because if there's one thing that's sure:

It's that business owners that fail to pivot and adapt to the changing tide, will be swallowed up, wrung out, and picked clean by the vultures and gulls, the bones left to bleach in the sun.

But I promise you, things are not as bleak as our (beloved) media makes it sound...

In fact, there's some businesses that are still Crushing It right now...

Yes, even in the midst of a major economic downturn that some experts are saying will make the Great Depression look like a solemn hiccup from Grandfather frog.

And on this page, I will show you in *gnarly detail* what these companies are doing to

Take the bull by the horns!

Hey, while you're here...

Wanna get 'down and dirty' with your online business building? Enter your info below, and roll up your sleeves...

Yup..just like that! Okay on to the....

Hold the horse, Just Who is this Buckaroo??

The name's Eric - Eric Schlabach. I live in east Texas with my amazing wife and business partner, Katrina. 

I spent my teens and early twenties, in various "blue-collar" companies, including logging, concrete construction, and excavating. In 2017, I began to pursue my passion for marketing & business building as a part-time side hustle.

Today I am business partners in a 7-figure earning digital marketing agency, Troyer Marketing.

That's me and my gorgeous wife, Katrina. 

Here's some key things you should know about me:

➡ From 2017 - '19, my first marketing/coaching client went from about $40k in annual revenue to $200k then on to her first $50k month in February 2020.

➡ Since my 2018 partnership with Troyer Marketing, my work has helped bring in millions of dollars in revenues for our various clients.

➡ We have served hundreds of small business owners across the US & Canada, and have been recognized as a 2020 top SEO company by Upcity.

But enough shameless self-promotion...Here's what my partner, Jonas, and a few others, have to say about me..

"I've had Eric build web pages for me before he started his own company, and I can say he's badass at copywriting, and is extremely careful about taking care of his customers! He always provides great customer service. I'm really proud of him for starting his own branch of Troyer Websites and I highly recommend his services!"

- Jonas Troyer

CEO of the Troyer Marketing brand, a 7-figure earning online-marketing company in northern Ohio

"We were looking to get a website done when a friend recommended Eric at Troyer Websites of Texas. Eric is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly! We are very pleased with the website that he designed for us, and his skills in digital marketing. His service is excellent and he is quick to reply to any questions. We would certainly recommend Eric to anyone!"

- Kathy Coblentz

Small business owner in Greenville, TN

"I had Troyer Websites [of Texas] design a website for my company. We specialize in transportation and setup of portable storage buildings, so it's a pretty niche market with specific needs. Eric built a website that is designed specifically for the shed hauling industry. He did an amazing job and I'm fully expecting our work to increase substantially because of this website design."

- Paul Stalnaker

CEO of Stalnaker Transport, a large-scale shed hauling company in South Carolina

"I am so happy I chose Eric to build my website! He will not settle for any less than the best! I receive many compliments on my website and sales have greatly increased because of his dedication to quality and performance. When I am ready for my next website, he is definitely the guy I will ask to build it!"

- Norma Proctor

Multiple six-figure income earning small business owner in east Texas - who's also a single Mom to three teenage girls.

Okay - On with the story, Little Joe...

>>How<< are these companies not just Surviving, but Thriving as everything else crashes around them?

Well, obviously there's a large variety of factors.. sales skills, market postition, etc, but in short -

They are using the power of the internet to Maximize their market share.

Behold: Some case studies to digest -

➡ Case Study #1.

Our own company, Troyer Marketing.

January 2020 was one of our best months in business, with sales climbing well over the 6-figure mark. The vast majority of those sales were made because of our online & virtual presence - Email, social media, simple website funnels, videos, etc. 

(I mean - we are an online marketing company after all..)

Here's the screenshot Jonas sent me after tallying our monthly totals -

➡ Case Study #2.

Marketing & business guru, Grant Cardone

In a more recent (now widely criticized) publicity stunt, Grant released a live Facebook video, claiming he was bankrupt, and all his assets were being seized as an elaborate April Fools joke. Now I'm definitely Not condoning lying to your audience or using deceitful methods to gain attention.

My point however...

Just that video, caused his name and brand to become one of the top most-searched Google terms in less than 24 hours and one of the most-talked-about subjects on the internet.

Love him, or hate him, Cardone clearly demonstrated his ability to get people talking about him even in the midst of the crisis - all by leveraging the power of his online market.

Hold up, Hold up, Hold Up!

It's me again - the signup donkey! Wanna see how we ourselves build our business online using email? Join us below and see if we actually know our ropes!

(Better get 'er done, this is your last chance for a while..)

Quick review:

So far, we've established that...

➡ Business owners who don't pivot and adjust have a high chance of being swept away, never to be seen again.

➡ Online sales and service is the one place that is booming right now, and is likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

➡ Investing into new and diversified markets online may literally be the one thing that will save your business.


"Will marketing on the internet work for Me?"

Ah, and there it is - the multi-million dollar question...

And friend, here's the ugly truth most marketing gurus won't tell you:

There's only One Guarantee in this rodeo - It involves Risk.

If you're unwilling to take a risk, than No, marketing your business online will probably not work for you.

In fact, if that's the case, you should probably not be in business for yourself - no offense.

If, however,

You are one of that rare breed of man or woman who goes places, and does things, who leads with vision, and who takes Calculated risks to drive their company forward..

Than the answer is "Yes"!

See it doesn't matter that much *What* business you're in.. even physical service based businesses..

If you are the 2nd kind of person, you are the kind of person that will benefit from online business building. 

Which brings us to...

Ye gads, do you really want to read all That yet?

Eric here, and Listen. This next section is going to get really long. Do yourself a favor, and Click the button below to get yourself a Free 30-Minute one-on-one time slot with me. I'll personally help you discover what online marketing will help your business right now and show you step-by-step how to implement them.

For real. Click the button to claim a free 30-min consultation now!

Alrighty then, don't say you haven't been warned!

...The 'How' of Marketing Online!

What exactly are these companies doing to continue growing their businesses during the "Bad Economy"?

To begin with, let's take a look at the three basic Tools used to build businesses online:

  1. Websites - (such as this one)
  2. Social Media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc
  3. Email (and/or text) messaging

And then there are two more main methods that "ride saddle" on the first three:

  1. Paid advertising
  2. Search Engine Optimization

So let's break each piece down a little further yet..

➡ Websites

Websites are -most of the time- the "hub" of your marketing wheel. The reason being, your website is (or should be!) the most comprehensive piece of information about you on the internet. At minimum it is a landing page with a Call to Action to call your business, signup for your email list, buy your get the idea.

➡ Social Media

Social media is a powerful modem of connection to your ideal audience. Most of them are completely free to use, and feature powerful advertising tools that allow you to grow and connect with your audience on a deeply personal level.

➡ Email

Email is old as the hills, and some "gurus" will tell you it is "Dead! " However, its not dead until its dead, and right now, email is one of the hottest ways to connect and drive sales online - If done right. 

➡ Paid Advertising

Many social media platforms come free with potent advertising tools, with dedicated dashboards and deep targeting abilities to get in front of the right people at the right time. Further, Google offers similar abilities with its Adwords platform. In most cases you will need a website or landing page (such as this one) to send your traffic to.

➡ Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of getting your website ranking in Google's search algorithm. Being on the front page of Google search for your industry's search term is akin to winning the lottery for many small business owners. And that's the whole game - If you're a hair stylist, you want to be on the front page of "hair stylists near me" when someone searches it out.

Now then, we've got that out of the way, so the next question is....

Where to start??

This is a vast territory filled with as many opinions as Donald Trump himself... but let's break it down into what we've found to be the core principles:

  1. Start with what you have. Find the "lowest hanging fruit" that will produce results immediately. For many businesses, this will be a simple website, followed by a social media presence.
  2. Simplicity is King! The rule of thumb is to diversify enough that you're not relying on any one platform for all leads and/or revenue, but not so complicated that it takes a rocket scientist, a priest and a rabbi to run it.
  3. Leave the low-quality for the hacks, losers, and wannabe's.. 99% of the time, you'll get what you pay for. Invest into quality, proven systems from reputable companies and get quality, proven results.

If I were into cussing, here's where I would drop a few...

Because $%#@ - you are more dedicated to your business than 99% of the folks who never make it far enough to read this! If by now, you're ready to talk to a live person on How to implement online marketing, just click the button below:

Click the button ⬆ to contact me and schedule your Free 30-minute consultation!

No? Alrighty, onward ranger..

Let's dive deeper.

"Start with what you have"

Ask yourself - where am I already in business? What are my immediate and long-term business goals? What marketing pieces (if any) do I have already? 

The answers to these questions should give you a good idea of what your best next step is.

"Simplicity is King"

Next, ask yourself - How can I implement my next steps in the most simple and immediately effective way? 

"Leave the low-quality behind"

Bright-Shiny-Object syndrome is a very real condition - don't fall for it! Your business is professional, and your marketing should be a dead-serious investment. This is where you want to be "edg-a-ma-cated" regarding hired services - Its up to you to take your due diligence to avoid getting scammed or ripped-off.

Side note: I might sound like a goofy southern cowboy, but fact is, this last bit especially, is worth its weight in gold.

A good rule of thumb is to check what kind of web presence the company has, (if its too good to be true, it probably is), what their track record is (since 2017, we've helped drive online business for hundreds, soon to be thousands, of business owners) and what their clients say about them (We have collected hundreds of five-star reviews across our various platforms). 

With that, it's on to...

Decision Time, Boss!

In this report we've established that:

  • Businesses who fail to pivot and adapt to the changing economic landscape have a large chance of failing completely in the soon to be coming future.
  • Online markets, however, are an especially hot item right now, as more people are forced to stay home.
  • Investing into said online market shares may be the only thing that keeps you afloat while others shutter their doors.

Then we went on to show you

  • What tools companies are currently using to drive sales and gain market share online
  • How each of those tools works to drive business
  • How to uncover where you should start

And all that's left is..


So What's Our Offer?

We specialize in easy-to-use & affordable internet marketing tools and services.

As a small business ourselves, we are in a unique position to understand what small businesses need, what their pain points are, and how best to solve them.

This enable us to empower other small businesses - Start-ups, service-based companies, solo-preneurs, etc - to use the internet to compete head to head for market share against much larger corporations.

Our areas of expertise includes:

✔ Business Websites

✔ eCommerce stores

✔ Membership/Affiliate sites

✔ Search Engine Optimization

✔ Social media marketing

✔ Email marketing

✔ Consulting & "How-to" video courses

Whoa there, Charley!

Speaking of email marketing - here's your last chance to learn a 'ho' lot more about online marketing for entrepreneurs, including how to do email marketing the right way. Enter ye your info to get set:

Our solemn promise - no spam, no boring bs. Unsubscribe anytime, and your info is as secure as Davy Jones' locker. 

Now my horse sense says you're likely in one of three camps here:

Camp 1: "Thanks for the info, Eric, now I'm off to figure it out myself!"

If that's you, and you go on to use the info here to build a powerful, dynamic business in the online market, than I will have succeeded 100%. Kudos to you, my fellow entrepreneur!

Camp 2: "I'm intrigued, but I still have a couple questions..."

Contact me, or keep reading, cowboy. We have a Q&A section below.

Camp 3: "I want to get online asap, but I don't know the first darn thing about it!"

Gallup on over here and get your 30-minute free consultation - I'll personally help you figure out.

(Alternatively you might be in a Camp 3.1: "I already have online marketing tools, but I don't have time or know-how to make it work!" - See "Camp 3" option above)

On to - Questions & Answers

FAQ - Here ya go, "Camp 2":

Q: Will marketing online work for [my unique niche] business..?

A: The short answer is - Yes. We've done work with considerable success, in most "blue-collar" industries, including construction, roofing, & other service-based businesses, eCommerce, affiliates, memberships, you name it.

Q: I already have several different marketing pieces.. Can you help me make it work?

A: Very likely, but if we can't, we'll connect you with someone who can. There's only one way to find out.. ;-)

Q: I've tried marketing online before - Never worked. How is this different?

A: To put it bluntly, we've never met an industry that doesn't work to take it online - why your particular case didn't, has too many complexities to know without in-depth analysis. And that's exactly what our free 30-minute consult is all about.

Q: My budget is next to nothing. Where should I start?

A: Legit question. And that's exactly what our Free 30-minute consult is all about.

Q: I am offended that you mentioned Donald Trump in your copy.

A: What is your question?

And now... final call!

Saddle Up & Swing Aboard!

As they say "all good things come to an end!" 

➡ If you read this all the way to the end... Thank you! You are a rare gem, and your patience will take you far.

➡ If instead, you just quickly scrolled to the bottom here to see what we're offering..

Here 'tis, Pardner, one final time.

We are a 7-figure earning digital business building agency.

Co-owner & partner, Eric (that's me) has agreed to offer 30 minutes of his time -for Free- to go over your business, and answer your online marketing questions and everything else he is qualified to answer.

Here's how it works - click the button below. You will be redirected to a contact page to send me an email. Send me your details, your questions, and I'll schedule you in the next available slot. 

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