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Troyer Marketing CEO, Jonas explains puppy websites!

I'm so grateful I chose Eric to build my puppy website! He has opened so many new doors in my business and helped me grow to new levels with a 25-30% increase in the prices I was able to get for my puppies! Not only did he create what I wanted, he went beyond that & offered more options which opened up new opportunities. Thanks again, Eric at Troyer Websites, for the excellence you provide!

Norma Proctor

Not Just Another Puppy Website!

There's a reason we boldly claim to create the best websites to sell puppies on the internet. On the surface it might look like just another puppy website, but the results speak for themselves

First and foremost, when we build a puppy website for you, you actually own that website!

You get to add and manage your own puppy listings on your website. If you can't or don't want to, we do offer affordable management plans if you want us to do it for you.

Whether you are a family 'hobby breeder' or have a decent sized kennel, you'll quickly notice that having your own puppy website will help you build a brand and allow you to charge & earn more for your puppies. 

With your own brand, you're much more likely to get word-of-mouth referrals and generate more revenue.

By charging more for your puppies you'll also attract more high quality buyers and find better homes for your puppies. *

Put More Money in Your Pocket with Your Own Professional Puppy Website!

Eliminate Middleman Fees

Or just add your own website link on your 'puppy site' ads and bring buyers to your site where there's less competition. 

Build Your Own Brand

With your own puppy kennel website you're able to build a brand and get more word-of-mouth referrals over time.

Get More For Your Puppies

Most of our clients see an average increase of 30% to 50% in revenue by switching to their own website to sell their puppies. 

Easy to Manage

Add and remove your own listings on your puppy website using a phone, tablet or computer. Minimum tech skills required.

Only $597/ yr after setup!

What makes a Great Puppy Website?

It all starts with the user experience!

Great User Experience

Easy To Use

Happy Customers

Our goal is to make the puppy buying process from your end to the customers end as easy and seamless as possible!

If your customers have a great experience, they are more likely to return and also recommend you to their friends!

No Commission Fees

We don't charge you $20-$100 per puppy! (To sell your puppies on your own website)

You pay a yearly fee of $597 for the hosting, maintenance and updates. Whether you sell 50 puppies or 5,000 puppies, it won't cost you more!

How Does It Work?

Simply Login To Your Puppy Website

Using a username & password we provide for you, you login and immediately you are ready to add your puppies to the website.

Add Your Puppies

It's as simple as filling out a form and uploading your pictures. Add the price, description, microchip number, parent names, birthday and whatever else you'd like. 

From The Customer Side

Shopping For A Puppy

When potential puppy buyers visit your website, they get to shop around on your puppy website just like any other eCommerce website (online store). Each breed of puppies is listed as a category. So they can view all puppies of each breed or every single puppy on your website.

Buying a Puppy

When a buyer has gotten all their questions answered and made the decision to purchase (or adopt) a puppy, they can leave a deposit right on your website. As soon as a deposit as been left, your puppy website will automatically mark it sold, adopted, reserved or whatever you choose to call it.

Arranging Puppy Pick Up or Delivery

The website will automatically email the customer with their receipt and any instructions you choose for delivery or pick up. We can even setup a calendar scheduler if you'd like. You request the second payment when puppy is picked up or before delivery. 

Get Your Puppy Website

Click the button to see our available puppy website packages. Place your order, than fill out and submit the form. We'll be in touch to go over your project and get any additional details we might need.

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** We reserve the right to refuse any customers we feel aren't following legal and ethical puppy breeding practices. (No puppy mills allowed)