needing Lots Of Leads, FAST?

Paid Advertising Online with Google & Social Media is the way to Roll!

Let's Talk Paid Advertising!

Let's say you just got your brand new website live. Or your current website isn't getting many visitors yet. 

Bottomline is, you're needing to grow your business/brand on a consistent, reliable basis!



New Client

So How Do We Get Them?

We Use Two Main Methods For Paid Advertising: Google Adwords and Facebook + Instagram.

This leaves the question, which one should I be using? In this next section, we'll dive into the pro's and cons of each, and which is best for your particular business.

Social Media Ads

Paid Ads run on Facebook & Instagram


  • Highly comprehensive ad targeting, such as age, interests, or locations.
  • Ability to use videos, photos, slideshows & more in ads.
  • Target 2.3 Billion active users worldwide on social media.
  • Best for re-targeting ads, brand awareness, and generating lots of traffic at a low cost.


  • Target audience is not specifically looking for the product/service. 
  • Typically takes more time to convert visitors into clients.
  • Lower click-thru rate compared to ads on Google's platform.


Facebook Ads are best for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and for introducing new products and services to a fresh audience. The ability to create a loyal brand following with a business page, as well as re-targeting your product/services to your website traffic, makes this a powerful and economical option for most businesses.

Google Adwords

Paid Ads on Google Search pages


  • Target an audience that is already searching for your product/service.
  • Approximately 5.6 Billion searches on Google Search every day!
  • Typically higher click-thru rates vs ads run on social media.
  • Best for products/services people need/are actively searching for.


  • Text or shop only ad formats limit how your ads appear.
  • Typically higher per click cost, compared to ads on social media.
  • Only basic ad targeting for targeting specific audiences.


Google Ads remain as the go-to for businesses with the goal of quickly increasing the sales of their products or services. With users actively searching, they are much more likely to click on your ad & read thru your website. This option is for you if you want quality leads that are already looking for your product/service.

I was able to get  25-30% more for my puppies! Thanks again, Eric at Troyer Websites, for the excellence you provide!

Norma has been a Facebook marketing client since early 2018

Norma Proctor

Not sure which you need?

Many businesses utilize a combination of both! This combines the power of Facebook's branding and audience targeting capabilities, with Google's search intent. (Users already searching for your product/service).

However, for businesses just starting out, or with limited budgets, we recommend starting out with Facebook ads for their highly targeted audiences, lower cost, and re-targeting capabilities!

The Power of Retargeting Ads!

How Does It Work?

Let's dive deeper into what you're getting!

Social Media Ads

Google Adwords

1. Setting Up Your Account

Your account manager dashboard is where we manage your billing, business settings, and ads creation.

2. Analytics

We install the tracking code from Facebook or Google that allows us to track the visitors coming to your site.

3. Targeting

We create audiences of people who follow your business page, and are already visiting your website.

4. Running The Ads!

We create & publish the ads on social media or Google search. You can track the results in real time.

5. Understanding Payment

We offer three standard monthly ad spend budgets as well as custom amounts. On our part, we keep a percentage of your total budget, and the rest will go towards ads. You may be billed separately, one from us, and one from the ad service, or billed together, depending on your plan.

Ready To Get Started?

Check out our packages and choose the one that fits your goals & budget!

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